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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lon's First Field Trip

Today we went to Kindergarten, got on a bus together, and went to The Farm. Super fun! Lon is going to try to get Daddy to take us again soon.
Lon and some classmates looking at the Donkey. He really did not want to be petted. He moved far away from the fence.
The class climbing on the tractor
In the hay bales

Searching for pumpkins. After a hay ride we all got out so the children could pick out a little pumpkin

Telling me all about the pumpkins
Waiting for the tractor to go back

Our little group. Another Mom and I were in charge of this bunch.  They were all good kids!
Splashing in the puddles. So happy I had him wear his rain boots
This is what we were waiting for! A cream scicle! Yummy. Yes, it was chilly, drizzley, but anytime is a good time for ice cream. It was a fun trip. We have another field trip, I think, in the spring.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Carnival at the Y

Sunday was a busy day for Lon and I. We dropped Daddy at the airport, came home watched the Steelers and the Seahawks both win! After that we went to the Family Carnival at the Y.  Lon had a great time
Our first stop was the Pirate show. Lon had a good time. He loves live shows!

He loved it!
The wacky pirates! I can not remember the name at the moment.
Walking the plank! At the end he got a prize.
They gave him three balls to toss into three buckets and he actually made one! Good job!

The best shot I could get of Lon coming down the slide. He loves bouncey houses!
They had a couple of picture stations. Lon had fun at the carnival.  We did the cake walk three times and did not win.  The cake we donated went fast. That made me feel good. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Trip to the Zoo

Saturday turned into a rain festival, so we did not stay too much longer at the Cougar Mountain Zoo. We decided that if it was a nice day on Wednesday we would go to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Wednesday turned out to be beautiful!!  Lon and Ben get along very well. 
Walking along the path to see the animals

Watching the Jaguar pace the enclosure.
The toucan! He was pretty cool looking
Watching the penguins swim underwater
The Los Amigos boat. Lon did not want to leave the boat, and as soon as we did leave he wanted to come back and play some more on the boat.
The new Meerkats. They are new the Seattle.  They were pretty interesting to watch.  I could have stayed there longer but it was getting crowded
Yes, that is a huge bear! He does look closer than he really is.  Scary BIG bear!
The boys were fascinated

 The River Otters. So much fun to watch the two of them swim and play.  They looked like they were having so much fun!
We got a snack, and Popsicles.  Then watched the flamingos.  Saw a picture of the brine shrimp they eat!. They are surprisingly not pink. If they are, the photo was very much washed out.
The boys waiting outside the bug house. Lon did not like the bug house. He had to leave, and Ben came with him.  After that, we had to get home. It was getting late in the afternoon. We still had homework to do!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Today we went to the Cougar Mountain Zoological Park to help celebrate Ben's birthday.

Watching the parrots perform for us. This was the parrot version of peek-a-boo.

This is the kookabura. What alot of people mistake for monkey noise, it is really just this bird!
Laughing at the kookabura

Doing the test to see if we were lemurs

These are lemurs. We passed the test, we are not lemurs

Lon watching the group leader

My camera was a bit too slow. He was not supposed to be up there.

King of the rock! Yes, these rocks were clearly posted do not climb on. Yet, no one asked us to get off these.

East African Cranes. They are different from the ones we saw earlier, West African Cranes.

The Emus are on the move. We tossed apple bits at them and they wanted more

One of the white Bengal Tigers. This is Vetez.  He is only a year and half old.  Still little.

Pretty Tiger. Yes, I felt pretty good about having two sets of bars between us

Lon and Ty find Santa's sleigh. It is near the Reindeer enclosure

The other white Bengal Tiger, Almos, thought he would come and take a look at us.  Beautiful creature

Feeding the Reindeer apple bits.

Then it was time to go into the birthday room and feed the children! Christine had a wonderful selection for all of us. Make your own sandwiches, watermelon, grapes, pretzels and cheesey poofs. Lon thought the juice drinks in animal shaped containers very cool. And of course, he picked the red lion.

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

Eating great cake! Chocolate with chocolate frosting.
Thanks so much for a wonderful day. We wish Ben many more wonderful birthdays to come.
Thank you for inviting us


Friday was Lon's first fundraiser for school. For flat rate donations, the school kids would run for 35 minutes around the upper field. We kept our fingers crossed that it would not rain.  Lon's kindergarten class and the 5th graders were the first out to run.
Here they come!

Getting ready to run and run

The pack moving along. The 5th graders slowed down long before the little kids

Lon ran with his hood up and hands in his pockets. When he wears something with a hood he has to have the hood up

A water break. Then he kept running
And he finishes the time strong!  Lon had a great time running. When he came home after school he ran some more.