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Monday, April 30, 2007

The Second HairCut of Lon's Life

Lon climbed right up into the airplane chair. He had a choice this time. The fire engine, or the airplane. My boy chose the airplane. Of course!
Lon did really well with his haircut! He was super good the whole time, with a slight bit of apprehension when the buzzers came out to finish up the edges. The last photo is Lon with his lolly pop treat on the rail road toy they have at the Crossroads mall. He likes the train.

Mowin the Lawn

Lon's work is never done! He is still not really into wearing pants. But he did help mow the lawn. He works really hard !

Lon needs a rake. I think he has one somewhere, but I have to find it!

He walked back to the yard waste bucket every so often and touched the bucket. He saw Daddy empty the mower bag into the recycling bucket and thought he should at least touch it.
After a hard working afternoon, Lon went in and took a nap.

Upgrading the phone system

This was the picture out side our window a couple days ago. They use a ditch witch thing to dig under the street and string the new whatever to make our phone system even better. Lon loved watching the equipment out there!

They did come back today and replaced the sod. I watered it when it was done being put in. The guys came back and thanked me! I guess some people are unaware that you have to water new grass sod or it will die. They got some complaints that the new grass died after the home owners did not water it. I did get an extra piece of sod for the hole in my yard where a shrub used to be. It looks so nice.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Spring Fair

Today we went to the Spring Fair. It is the smaller version of the Puyallup Fair. It was alot of fun!

This baby pygmy goat had personality plus! Granted, I love pygmy goats. I have no clue on why I love them, but I do. This little guy would dance on top of the crate, jump off, jump on his mom, head butt the other goats. Such a little doll!

We walked around all the barns and saw all the animals. We even watched a sheep shearing demo.

We went into the petting barn, but Lon did not want to pet anything. We heard bagpipes tuning up. Yes, I love bagpipes too.

The Tacoma Scots. Nice. It seems Lon enjoyed them too.

After that we went to get something to eat. We got Crusty Pups, Onion burgers, and roasted corn.

Lon ate half an ear of corn! He loved it!

Pipping their way back.

I mainly pushed an empty stroller. Lon rode with Gigi alot!

After mom did some paintball shots, we went home. We had a fun time! Lon was so tired! He was out, even before we left the parking lot. A sure sign of a good day!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Baby Brian comes for a Visit

Today we had a visit from Baby Brian! So much fun! Brian is growing up so fast! I love his little cheeks!

Lon was very interested in playing with Brian, however he was not so happy when Mommy was holding Brian.

GiGi held Brian for a little while too. Lon explained to Brian that this was HIS GiGi, but it was okay to sit on her lap.

Lon shares his hat with Brian. Yes, Lon took off his pants. He still likes to be pantless.

A Busy Day!

Thursday was a super busy day! We started the day at gym class. This "semester" there is only one little one from last group. Lon gets to meet new friends!

King of the mountain!

Gym class goes by so fast! After a super fun class, we went off for another visit to the tulips!

It was a much nicer day than the last visit to the tulips!

Since it was not so windy, we went on to Tulip Town. Tulip Town is newer than Rozengaarden. However, they do have fields of tulips to see. There is a tractor ride through the fields, which was really nice for Grandma Presken.

We got home from a lovely afternoon seeing the tulips, and Uncle Vasu called! His parents arrived from India a couple of days before. He would really like us to meet them! So we went to Vasu's new house.

Vasu's Mother does not speak English, only Hindi. His Father does speak English, but is a little shy in speaking. His English is great!

Grandma Presken had a marvelous time. As did we all.