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Monday, August 15, 2016

One Last Trip of Summer

Lon and I had a chance to take one last trip before school started.  We went up to DC !

We left at 6:24am. A little bit later than I would have liked, but it was okay.

Lon got to go and play with the Gunnar!  He loves playing with Gunnar.

I think Gunnar might be happy too

We got a ride to the zoo with Gunnar, I think he wanted to come in with us!

The zoo!

The ocean trash sculptures. Like the one in Newport, Oregon at the Aquarium.

Lon and I could understand a lure, but pop cans, or razors, no, not really

Our first encounter with animal life.

We did know that since it was so hot, we really would not see too many animals, but we were hopeful we would see some good ones!

The Pandas were not out. They were doing yard work in their enclosure.   Next time we will see them

Elephants!  They were throwing dust over themselves as sunscreen.  Trying to keep cool

The zoo had lots of volunteers around to show people pelts, and answer questions about the animals.  This is elephant hide.

another trash sculpture

The primate house! Gorillas and Orangutans

 You never know what you are going to find in the zoo!

Lon wanted to get a picture of the chipmunks that were running around the zoo.  FINALLY we got one. These guys are fast!


anteater information

Playing a game near the elephants. It is a tilt table and the ball represents an elephant, you need to tilt the table and get him to safety.  Lon had fun with this game.

Zoo information!

The last trash sculpture!

The zoo was fun.  We will go back!

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