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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Recreational Fair in Monroe

Today we were all feeling better! Lon wanted to see Mater again and he was going to be at the Spring Recreational Fair at the Evergreen Fairgrounds. It was a fun afternoon, much better than mowing the lawn!
Mater!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE Mater!
The best part was Daddy got to see Mater today!

Hanging out in back

Today is fun, Thanks Mommy and Daddy!

They had a few more things besides Mater, they had a chainsaw carver. I have always been fond of chainsaw carved bears.

The carnival area beckons! Lon wanted to go on ALL the rides, we got it down to four rides. The first one he chose was the fire truck, of course.

Waiting for it to move

That was fun!! Let's see what else they have

The tiger roller coaster!!! It was wonderful fun. Since the fair was not in any way crowded the rides were on demand. Lon was the only one on the roller coaster. 

For his third ride, Lon chose the airplanes. There was one other little girl on the ride too. They each got their own airplane.

The last ride was the balloons. Last year at the fair, Lon did not like this ride at all. This year it was ho hum.

He even got some cotton candy. Blue flavor. He did manage to eat some of it, not just wear it.  When we got home he did brush his teeth!  Behind Lon was the Master Gardener's area. We got some very nice looking tomato plants for the deck

Back to Mater. Getting in as much Mater time as possible!

Yes, his feet are off the ground

I could stay here all day!

Okay, I'm good. Let's go home

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Grandma sends the best presents!

In the mail today Lon got a present from Grandma Phis!  He wanted me to make it work RIGHT NOW! so I did
It is a bubble gun!! It is so very cool!

This is so much fun!! I am LOVING this!!! Thank you, Grandma!

Can you see me behind these bubbles?

I can walk and blow bubbles at the same time! yes, that is a boy sized hard hat on the deck. Every boy should have one

This is great. The bubble gun lights up and it whirs!  Flashing colored lights are the best.  I hope it is sunny all week so I can blow bubbles every day, all day. 

Playing with Ty!

On Friday, April 9th, we had great fun playing with Ty at our house!!
I am being really good!

Ty and Lon each got an M ice cream bar!

Both boys got a green one.  whew!

Riding around on the back deck. They are on our plant stands, which they are not supposed to be doing! However, they were having so much fun, I pretended not to notice for a little while.

On their way to put them away before I came up the stairs and busted them!

Okay, Ty, what do we do now? Hmmm, I will think of something!

SANDBOX!!!  What a great way to spend the rest of the afternoon! Sand, dirt and mud, the trifecta of boyhood.  They had a great time together and we can't wait to do it again

Sunday, April 18, 2010

spam issues

Just a quick housekeeping update. Since I have now gotten a TON of spam messages on the blog, some about shoes, mainly about weight loss and credit scores, I have put word verification on the comments. This is supposed to help keep spam down. I go back and delete all the spam I can, but it takes time that I could use to do other things. 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Healthy Kids Day at the YMCA

Today was our first 5k run/walk!  It was great fun! The very best part of the day for Lon was MATER!
This is the information about Mater's journey from a 1955 wrecked farm truck to the Mater we know and love.
The paint job is just increadible. They used 13 coats of paint to get this effect.  The details are amazing. The found just the right parts in Sitka, Connecticut, here in Washington and a couple other far flung places I can not remember right now.  This was truely a labor of love

Here he is!

This was not something the kids had to stay away from. The gentleman who built Mater wants the kids to climb on him, in the cab, in the back, he even has a special *hood* so the kids can get up there for photos!

The reason Mommy came to Healthy Kids Day at the Y. The 5k run/walk. We walked. I had my knee brace. I did the whole thing in 48 minutes. Lon rode in the stroller the whole way. He said he wanted to walk but later on admitted that it was a little too long for him.  We did not come in last. That was the entire goal for this walk. The last people came in about 15/20 minutes after we did!  

After the walk Lon ran right back to Mater!

Lovin this!

Climbing all over Mater!

Lon took a break from Mater to participate in the 40 yard dash in the 6 and under category!


On the way back to Mater, Lon saw the bouncey house! We did that four times. It was super fun for Lon and helps him in learning to wait his turn. We went inside  and looked at all the booths and did all the activities that Lon wanted to do. He wanted to throw the baggies at yellow rubber duckies, he wanted to throw the milk cartons into the bigger milk carton. He did not want his face painted, or his hair styled. He wanted to take the tattoo home but not put it on there. 
 Then it was one last time visiting Mater, this time he was driving!

Trying to reach the pedals!  It is still going to be a little while till he is tall enough to drive

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Windblown Tulips

Today's forecast: windy, rain, cold, possible snow.  Well, there was wind. I guess two out of three is not too bad.  Mark left work at noon, I changed Lon out of his wet clothes, then we were ready to go!
We started at Roozengaarde. It is a really wonderful place!

The fence is new since we were there a few days ago! It looks great!

Running, today was all about running.

Daddy taking movies of the little guy to send to the grandmothers.

A sudden stop

Once the wind stopped these tulips went back to standing straight and tall. The wind was fierce!

Let's GO Daddy!

What cha watching Daddy?

MUD!! I remembered to have him wear his boots, but I forgot a change of pants.... Muddy pants all the way home was the order of the day!

Another picture showing how hard the wind was blowing! Whitecaps on the mudpuddles.

Yes, that is fresh snow up there!

Everytime we looked at Lon there he was in the mudpuddles!

Finally got his picture in front of the big windmill!

Beauty shot!

Another stop!  It is noteworthy when he actually stops long enough to look at something!

Fields of yellow, so pretty!


We went home via Route 9. It is more scenic than the interstate.  Lon was getting hungry, so hungry he could eat a hippolotomouse! We stopped in Arlington at the Pizza Factory. Good pizza. Lon had a good time and spent 50 cents of Daddy's money on two little toys from the vending machines.  Lon had a good day.