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Friday, March 27, 2009

Easter Preview 2009

We are going back to California again this year. I wanted to be sure we had the Easter Bunny photos before we left. So after Pirate class we went to the mall. I had Lon's Easter outfit in the car, and I helped him change into in the mall parking lot. When I asked Lon if he wanted to walk through the mall or ride in the stroller. Stroller won.
I used some hair gel to make sure his flyaway hair stayed put. Perhaps I used a bit much.
This is the bunny photo this year! They went digital! We have them instantly and we can even pick the best of three.

Lon was so good at the mall. We had to go across to Sees, the ladies at the shop were having a great time entertaining Lon. They gave him chocolates, and a little bunny finger puppet that the last part of the candy cane had broken off. He loved the attention.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chuck E Cheeses

Thank you so much to Cheri who told us about going there at 9:30 am! NO one was there but us! Cheri's son and Lon ran around to everything like crazy!

Bob the Builder bulldozer ride was fun

Getting ready to go up into the tubes above.

On the move

Ty and Auntie Theresa came too! We had lots of fun. We stayed for lunch, which was an error! I was hungry and forgot that Spice Route was next door. They have a buffet for lunch. Lon has been there before, and like his mother he thinks butter chicken is yummy. Next time we go there! Yes, there will be a next time.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Pi Day!

I did not read that congress was apparently making this a holiday, I just read about it a week or so ago. I have a book called holidays and observances that I think is fun. Plus it is an excuse to make a pie or three.
For dinner we had pizza pie!

For Lon, any excuse for pizza is a good one.

Now I am posing! but Cars is on TV...

Okay, Mom, put the camera away and eat already!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting Ready for Summer!

Today was a nice day! Mark got to come home early, Hooray for Flex time!! Mark wanted to clean the grill to get it ready for it's summer work out. Lon had to help him.

He is very intent on doing a good job

He did a good job!

Our grill is now ready for summer. Bring it on!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Snow, again.

On Sunday night we had thunder and lightening and hail. Serious hail. Not serious by Midwest standards, but pretty big for here.

Then today, Lon and I were running errands. We got caught up in the snow that gave us this view on our deck. The snow was coming down very hard, the road was almost impossible to see and the cars in front or behind us were also hard to see! We did make it home safe and sound.
The flowers are making a valiant effort to remember it is March.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

First Visit to the Dentist

Today we met Dr. Peterson. A super nice dentist. Lon has all his baby teeth in! Dr. Peterson said Lon is showing no visible signs of cavities, his teeth are shiny, the only problem he sees is that Lon's teeth are very tight in his mouth and his front teeth overlap a little which could mean orthodontics later in his childhood.

In the front office.
In the chair, Lon said he was a little nervous.
The hygienist was showing Lon a toothbrush, he told her that his was a fire engine and the top part went round and round. He told her his ice cream cone toothbrush also spun, but his Diego one did not.

Getting a good look at those teeth!

Meeting Dr. Peterson, it went well.

Showing how big he can open his mouth

Why I adore my dentist.

Lon loved the glove balloon and wanted to sleep with it tonight. He isn't.
The hygienist then showed Lon how the water and the suction works, he wanted to keep playing with that!
He did get two good boy tokens to get himself a treat from the toy tower in the lobby. He was so proud of himself that he got TWO tokens.
The visit did go well, Lon used the teeth cleaner thingy on me, but they will use it on him in September.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday Swim

We have started going to the Y for family swim on Sundays. This is the first time we have been able to get pictures. Uncle Rahul and Auntie Prachi came with us! Auntie Prachi did not want to get into the water, so she was kind enough to take photos!
Mark and Lon in the deep end. Lon loves wearing his life jacket.

Mom and Lon playing.

Swimming all by himself
Uncle Rahul and Lon. Lon played only for about 1/2 an hour then he was done! But it was fun and we will do it again next Sunday