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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PEO lunchoeon

I had some things to drop off for PEO today, it was summer luncheon day. I was not sure if Lon and I could stay. Depends on how Lon was feeling. Lon was feeling GREAT! Lon had so much fun! We had a nice lunch of spicy fajitas, Lon ate bread, green peppers and cheese. It was very nice to see everyone! Zucchini was passed out, everyone got to take home a giant gourd!
We had a lovely time. Everyone loved seeing Lon. Lon ran all over the room we had for us, and did not try to leave the room. I thought that was exceptional. He ran so much! He walked back to the car, and I buckled him in. Once we got to the main street, I looked back and he was sound asleep. What a good little boy!

darn squirrel

I have, well now had, a sunflower on the porch. I like sunflowers, they are nice. I came home today, looked out the kitchen window and this is what I saw. My sunflower is no more. Lon kept me from using harsher language. &%&% squirrel. Yes, I know I feed them. Yes, I know, they are cute with their fluffy tails and the way they knock on the door...
silly squirrel.

Friday, July 20, 2007


It all started nicely enough. Lon and his GiGi playing in a dirt pile in the backyard.
Then Lon got down to business. The shirt came off, the pants were history.

It was really fun playing with GiGi in the dirt. Then Lon thought it was time to come in and show us all how much dirt he accumulated on himself.

Hey, I got dirt EVERYWHERE! How cool is that Mom?

This being dirty is lots of fun!

I have an idea!

Yep. lost the the diaper and it is time for a bath! I think Grandma is laughing.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thanks for all the Fish!

Since Grandma and GiGi are visiting, it was a perfect opportunity to work on Lon's tuxedo. I got it half done,the shirt (all those pin tucks) and cummerbund (more tucks!) got bogged down on the pants part! The easier part. I decided to stop for a little while. Grandma saw that I had this little quilt pattern, with all the fabric tucked neatly into a baggie. She thought it would be a nice thank you for the people who took them fishing, since the maxed out on salmon and halibut. Since I got some of the bounty, why not? So I whipped this up in an afternoon. Yes, the fish is all done with variegated metallic thread, there are silver ripples in the background, there are also iridescent waves on the borders. Turned out nice. Well, Grandma said, um, I think I will send them flowers. Yes, flowers would be nice. My first thought was, hey, this is not that bad! Turns out Grandma wants to hang it up in HER house. It is now in Virginia. Silly Grandma!
The toddler tuxedo as it is now.

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's SUPER TODDLER!

Lon got these great pjs from Uncle Vasu! He LOVES them!

He went to wake up his GiGi.

Good Morning GiGi, It is I, SuperToddler!

After a successful wakeup, with hug and kiss. Super Toddler is off to help Grandma read the comics. A SuperToddler's work is never done!

Heat Wave!

A couple days ago, it got HOT. Seriously HOT.

Lon was not impressed at the fact his ice cream melted faster than he could eat it! And, he eats his ice cream pretty fast!
The heat wave only lasted a couple days, which we were really happy about.

Monday, July 16, 2007

2 Year Doctor Stats

We all went to see Dr. Sally. Lon, of course, Me, Grandma and GiGi. It was one full exam room.
Lon has gained weight!! I am so happy! He now weighs 25.5 pounds, and is 37.5 inches tall. That means he is in the 20th percentile for weight and still 95 for weight.
He is, of course, exceeding all expectations for his age group. Very smart, very cute.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Happy Fourth Of July!

What gorgeous weather we had for the Fourth! Not too hot, even though Mommy got sunburned a little-- could be that she got sunscreen on everyone else and forgot to put it on her own neck! But I forgot part of Daddy's too. We spent most of the day outside.

We went downtown to watch the parade, but we of course go there early! Lon played in the park for a while.

A parade of one. Lon was growing very impatient for this parade to start! Here comes the Coast Guard Fly-over! Nice.

This was one of the entries in the Kid's Parade. When he peddled, the rotor turned too. It was super cool.

much better position to watch the parade

Lt. Giant ArmyMan was one of the first to pass us.

The Rotary Duck. Yes, we bought tickets. No, we did not win. However, they did have a coupon for one free entree at Ristorante Paradiso. Yummy!

A neighborhood float. Very fun!

McGruff the crime dog

Not every thing went as planned

who knew there were 8 DeLorians in our little town?

The Keith Highlanders. When I was a kid, they used to come to Ketchikan, now they are in my new hometown's Fourth of July Parade. How cool is that?

The last of the parade. They had some other fun floats, bands and cheerleaders. They had the Rainbow City Band, who played showtunes. It was very funny

After the parade we went to Juanita Beach for the Rotary Picnic and Duck Race. I wanted to see how they did the duck race here, there is no creek to race them down!

First, they are all in a pen.

Lon is not so sure about how this is going to work.

Lots of real ducks were on the lake too.

They stir the ducks up with a fire hose and leaf blowers, they push them into a raceway and into another pen.

Even though we did not win the duck race, Lon still had a great Fourth of July.