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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pancake Party!!

There is a tradition at Lon's school, the second and third graders have a pancake party for Valentine's Day. How fun is that? Of course, I said I would help out
We had to get there early to set up, so Lon helped out by scooping out fruit salad into cups.
We were able to take a little break and Lon showed me his Valentine's Day envelope. All ready to get Valentines!
In line for Pancakes!! I was going to make chocolate chip pancakes at my station, but I was not allowed by school rules. Lon got two of those anyway!
Lon handing out his Valentines.
Then I had to go home so they could get on with their day.
Tomorrow starts mid winter break, that is why we celebrated today.

Friday, February 08, 2013

A Zoo Adventure

Today Lon had an appointment at the doctors downtown at noon, so we decided to make a day of it!
Our first stop was to FINALLY redeem a Christmas present, an annual pass to the zoo.  We figured out how to get there without going on the toll bridge, which was a bonus.

We got our passes taken care of, then Lon was a boy on a mission. To see as much as he could before we had to go.
The zebra was staring at Lon. He kept walking along following him
More map consulting after seeing the hippos.
Someone walked by and told us the baby lions were out, so we hustled up to the enclosure.  Mamma and babies are being kept away from Daddy for the moment.
They were only letting a few people in at a time to see the little ones. While we were waiting Lon got to touch some lion fur the volunteer had.  The fur from the back was coarser and the fur from the stomach was very soft.  Then it was time to go see the little ones!
They don't let you get close to the plexiglass, but it was close enough. Mamma was nervous about seeing ANY people.  The babies could have cared less
The babies were all tumbly cuteness.

The next stop was the warthogs. Lon was amused when I called them Pumba one and Pumba two. He thought the other one really did have another name
The elephants were next on our list to see. He was so cold you could see his breath!! 
The orangatangs!   Yes, the big male did have a blanket he was not sharing They were eating broccoli and romaine lettuce
No, I am not sure why after adding the video the format changed
Little Kangaroos! Lon was talking to them and they were looking at him. He asked them to hop, and they just stared at him. He said, Like this! and hopped down the path next to the enclosure. Sure enough, one of them followed him along. Then bounded off on his own. Lon thought that was pretty cool
More map consulting near the carousel. We were rapidly running out of time so we could not go on it. We will next time
A quick wave to the penguins
Then it was time for our appointment. It went well. Lon still is not over 50 pounds, 48 still. He is 4 foot 2.  We were going to go to the bakery by getting on I-5 and then drop down, but we saw how backed up the freeway was, so we went on a surface street adventure to find it! We did get to Boricchinis. We got ourselves all sorts of wonderful treats before we had to head home.   It was a fun adventure day! 

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Korean Dinner at our House

For Christmas this year, Mark and I gave each other an indoor electric grill.  Tonight we used it!
We invited Michelle, Chong, Brian and Kayla over to help us out
We had meat, lemon pepper shrimp, kimchee, cucumber kimchee, seaweed salad, broccolini  with sesame oil and seeds, lettuce, rice and sauces.
Michelle made the yummy sauces for us.   We love the little grill.  We are going to try to use it more often
The kids were more interested in the foot locker full of legos than eating. They had chicken nuggets.

Rocky did not even wake up when we grilled the shrimp.
It was a fun evening. Nice to have friends over