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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Birthday Pizza Party!

Happy Birthday Lon! Today was Lon's actual real birthday. We thought about going to a restaurant, but thought against it! Too nice outside! We had homemade pizza instead! Lon and some of his friends eating cheese pizza!
Ty and Lucy had to leave early, but then Grace came! Grace and Victoria were swinging Lon in the hammock!
Can we open presents, please please please!!??
oooh! Look Romans! (Lon is slowly getting all the Playmobil set of ancient Rome. The next set I want to get him is ancient Egypt)
Auntie Theresa is so nice! Ty gave Lon a hot wheels set! Which he loves! Thank you Auntie Theresa!
Gracie looks so cute with her cake. Victoria is concentrating on her cake and Lon is concentrating on his new hot wheels set. It has a bridge!! Lon is very excited about it. Everyone had a great day. It was fun. Lon finally went to bed at 10:35! Tomorrow we have our 4 year old well child visit. I will post the new stats when that happens.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Cake for His Actual Birthday!

I made this cake tonight for his actual birthday pizza party tomorrow! I am pretty sure he will like it since he picked it all out! More about the actual birthday after it happens.
1:06 pm tomorrow Lon will officially be 4 years old.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I am not sure if the Lion for this year is just overly perky or demented. This is the Lion I painted for Lon's birthday invitation. It is framed and in his room. Lon likes it and that is all that matters.

Happy FOURTH Birthday!

We hosted Lon's Fourth Birthday, a Knight in Shining Armor party, on Saturday, June 27th. It was a glorious day! For most of the day I was busy doing fun things, but here are some photos of the day.

The first cake, the Knight's Castle!

Sugar cookies. I thought the knights, ladies, crowns and horses turned out wonderful.
But I was most impressed with my horses! I love love love how they turned out!

Cake number 2, the Fierce Dragon!

Mark called him Iggy the Iguana Dragon.
Lon wanted to guard his presents from Natasha, the cat. She has never before opened any of Lon's gifts, but you never can tell.
Our friends arrived! The boys got down to mainly undies and ran in the sprinkler.

Our feast!
More of our feast
Playing !
What a beautiful family! We were waiting for all to assemble for presents!
Let's get this show on the road and start opening these things!
Joey was interested in his own napkin puzzle.
The boys all helped Lon open his vast amount of gifts.
Auntie Theresa finishing up the shields! Everyone seemed to have a great day and we had lots and lots of fun!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Swim Lesson of the Summer!

Lon did NOT want to get in the pool. No way no how not going to happen.
Once he got into the water he was very happy with being in the water.
Hey, what kind of toys can I get?
Blowing Starfish bubbles!
Kick kick kick!
London bridges game! The other people in Lon's class are Lucy and Jack.
The kids are freezing! I am glad Lon got into the pool. He does love it until he has to get out and is so very very cold.

Quilt for Peter!

I finally got one of the graduates quilts done for this year! Only a month late! It is flannel for the top and backed with Navy fabric (his choice of profession)

Rocky liked it alot. I washed it after this so it would not have cat feet on it..

My camera does not capture the quilting.. rats!


Last week Ty came over to play! And he brought over three waterguns. The boys had so much fun. Lon and Ty versus Mark!
Mark had the bigger gun, but the boys, they were faster!

Ty and Lon found a place to hide out for a little while. Yes, everyone got soaking wet and had tons of fun!

Why I Carry my Camera ALL THE TIME!

We went to Castle Park on Saturday the 20th of June. We have to park at the firehouse. They were testing hoses when we walked by. The incredibly patient and kind fireman let Lon turn the fire hydrant on and off! Lon was SO excited.

At castle park.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

St. Edwards Park Pool Re-Opening

June 6, The pool at St. Edwards Park re-opened. We went a little early, so we had some cake and played at the park.
The sandbox is always the best!

This is a goofy picture

More sandbox fun

After playing for a while, we went to Romio's pizza. Lon ate all his pizza !

Then he had a popsiscle!

The pool was open by then! Mommy stayed out and took pictures of the boys playing

Lon got dunked!

Then he was done. Thank you. No more possiblity of being dunked!