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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Heart

We talked about posting this or not. We decided to post it.  

On Thursday, March 9 at about 5pm, Mark had a heart attack.  Quick thinking got the ambulance here in a very short time.  Mark was in the Cardiac Cath Lab in short order.  He has a stent.  He spent one night in the ICU and then one night in a cardiac care room. Lon was able to visit him once he was in the cardiac care room.
The heart attack happened very quickly and it was very scary.  Lon was home and he was wonderful. He rounded up the cats,  and locked them in their bathroom to get them out of the way. One less thing to worry about.  I dropped Lon off at a neighbors before getting to the hospital as fast as I could.  Lon did not freak out, he kept calm and followed all the  instructions he was given. I am so very proud of him.
Mark is home and resting this week

Pebbles is doing her best to make sure that Daddy doesn't work too hard

Can't do much with a sleeping kitten on your lap.  All part of the plan.


On the way home from the Reflections ceremony, we noticed that all the azaleas were at just about at peak bloom! By the end of the month, they won't be there for the Flowertown Festival. We thought it would be a good idea to get some photos in!  We stopped at Azalea Park and got some photos!


Lon submitted a photo for the PTA Reflections contest held by his school.  He got third place for his school!

On March 5th, we went to watch him get his award!

We are very proud of him!

All the kids had their artwork up on the partitions, sorted by school.

Waiting to walk across the stage

We will put his certificate in the binder with all the other good stuff!

This sign always makes us smile

Daddy inspecting his photo!

It was nice to see Lon work hard and get recognized!

Revolutionary Saturday, the final installment

After lunch we thought it was too early to head back home. We had heard of Santee Cooper Park, we have seen their Christmas light displays. Seeing it during the day would be fun.

As we walked in,  we noticed that there was a literary festival going on, but it was almost over. Darn it

All that color on the water is pollen. Still so much Pollen!

The entrance to the museum is one of the old canal locks

I liked how the old lock was used

 The Little David, a torpedo boat.

It was interesting learning about it.

The history bits about it so far have been too long to include.  I will keep looking

Lon spotted this walkway from the museum, of course he had to go check it out

Such a pretty day. There is an Osprey nest in the big tee!

 There are turtles!

and cypress knees

The trail system. Lon wants to come back and do the entire trail.  There are also canoes you can rent. Sounds like a great thing to do this summer!

Are those my boys on the bridge?

Yes, yes they are!

We went into the museum. What a great little gem!

This is the old jail door.

Did you know there were parts of Berkley County that did not get electricity until well into the 1960s?

A monster cat fish. 105 pounds!

After our time in the park, we went to the Piggly Wiggly in Monk's Corner.

Our last stop of the day was TCBY.  mmmmm, frozen yogurt.  Lon got chocolate with lots of fun toppings, I had butter pecan with fruit, and Mark had three flavors with chopped up andes mints on top.


It was a fun day! So nice to get out of the house!

Monday, March 06, 2017

Revoutionary Saturday Part three! A pit stop!

We passed by a sign that said, Pineville Historic District, with an arrow. So we took it.

I think this pretty litte country church is the entire historic district.

Reading all about it

now you have read all about it too!

It is a pretty country Church.

We were getting hungry, so we stopped in a Gilligans.

Being goofy while we were waiting for lunch

We did not see any gators this time, but lots of fishermen and dogs.

We thought we were not ready to go home, so we decided to stop by the Santee Cooper Canal Park.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Revolutionary Saturday! Part Two Francis Marion's Grave

Our Second stop on our day out was Francis Marion's Grave Site.

The long road to the grave site

The plantaion house  was torn down in 1927, the final pictures of it look like it really could not be saved.

There are two Belle Isle Plantations in this part of South Carolina. This is the one in Pineville, and  not Georgetown.

I will let you read the signage that follows

The grave of the Swamp Fox
There are other family members buried behind the monument.

There is a lot of information about Francis Marion out there, and even the synopsis of his life is way to big for a history bit!

 It looks very peaceful out there.

Dogwood! I had not noticed much dogwood near our house.

The river of pollen in the parking area.  Lon is not impressed.

It was worth the visit to see it, I am glad we stopped