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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lon's Birthday Invite Preview!

Lon's birthday party invitation! I think this year it turned out cute. The legos are more an impression of legos, than actual legos.  Now, on to plan the party!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Quilt for Lon's Teacher

A few months ago, after getting permission from the office, I went to a couple of recesses with Lon's class. On a pieces of freezer paper I traced their little hands. I asked them what their favorite color was and wrote it on the envelope that I kept their hand prints in. 19 envelopes. 
I got scraps of material from my stash in the colors the children picked out. I cut out the hands, and made this quilt ! I think the teacher will be surprised and I hope she will like it
The finished quilt top!

The entire quilt, all finished and ready to give. Except I have to sign my name somewhere on the quilt!

Bike Riding with Dad!

It was a rare sunny day, or at least it was not raining at the moment. The boys took advantage of that and rode bikes around the cul-de-sac.
Getting all squared away
Bigger bikes go faster than little bikes
Lon is keeping up though
What do you mean we have to stop? Just cause it is getting close to bed time. I can handle staying up late, I really really can! We had him come in for bath and bed.  We will ride again. All summer long!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sarah Turns FOUR!

Our neighbor Sarah turned four on the 15th!   We were lucky enough to be invited to her party. It was at Ferral McWuriter Park.  The unlucky thing was that it was pouring rain.  We still had fun!
Trying to pet the barn cat. He really did not want anything to do with it! He was good about it though, he just left.
Saying hi to little sister Lisa and Grandmother
We played some fun games. The first game we played was pin the tail on Huckle. Sarah loves the huckle books by Richard Scary
One of Lon's favorite games, the "cake" walk! He has so much fun with those. We did not win cake, but prizes. What a fun idea
A bean bag toss. We really need to help Lon with his throwing skills!
PONY RIDES! Really and truly on a real pony! His name was Gypsy. Lon had a wonderful time on his pony
Off he goes into the woods with his pony. Lon was not even the least bit nervous
That was fun!
Thank you, Gypsy
Some more games while other kids got their pony ride. Only two at a time went. Sarah's Father was super brave to play Duck Duck Goose! We also had a pinata, one you had to whack! Lon had fun with that, but I did not get any good pictures of it.
The Huckle Strawberry cake! It turned out super cute!
Happy Birthday, Sarah! We had a great time at your party!

A Present from Switzerland

Lon and I had a lovely gift hand delivered to us from friends in Switzerland! How cool is that?
I kept it wrapped until Lon got home from school, but I was really really curious too!
What do you think it is mom?
Getting closer. This is going to be a game, I can tell!

It is a game! A hedgehog game. It is very fun. The direction are in English, French, German and Italian.  Whew! We played it about 4 times before I told Lon he had to put it away till he got his homework done. The little wooden hedgehogs are super cute.
There was also a wonderful package of Swiss chocolate. Lon devoured three of the five before I had a chance to get them!  I ate one and the other one is hidden (hope I can find it) for later. For me.
Thank you so much for the wonderful gift!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Kirkland Saturday

A day to spend as a family. I had some jewelery to be fixed, so we decided to spend the day downtown!
Walking down to the water at Marina Park.
My boy
Ducklings here too!
Climbing on the public art
We were saw that the new Gelato shop was open. Sirena. Very good gelato. Lon enjoyed his chocolate gelato very much. I had Raspberry and Pineapple. You get two scoops. Mark had almond and pistachio (I think, but I know Mark will correct me if I am not correct)
Yes, we had dessert before lunch. We went to LaCorona for lunch. Lon likes his quesidilla without rice and beans. His beverage of choice is a Roy Rogers.
Saturday was fun. It was a nice sunshine day. The jeweler told me we gave him a big challenge to see if he could get all that repaired. I am looking forward to seeing it when it is done!

Before we got on the airplane to come back home

It was a super busy day, last tuesday (may 10)! We spent a fun evening with Aunt Karen. We got up to say goodbye to the kids, as we would be at the airport when they got home from school. We had to be at the airport by 3:15pm.  Karen could not get out of a meeting, and she would be gone most of the day. That part was sad, but since I did not say I was coming...
Karen dropped us off down near the Vietnam Memorial. I walked by, I did not want to stop, did not want my day to start with that kind of sadness. We kept walking toward the Natural History Museum. Our destination.
Lon was getting his morning excersize chasing ducks!
The ducks were not as amused as Lon.
Not sure why the pond was almost empty. I told Lon they were waiting for the tourists. Or they were cleaning it. I am still not sure.
There was some pretty wildlife in the almost empty pond. There were ducklings too. Lon wanted to go into the pond enclosure and pet the ducklings. I talked him out of it.
We stopped at the World War II memorial. It is something I have not seen yet, we spent just a little time there. We had a destination, and a short amount of time to see what we wanted to see!  I did talk to Lon a little bit about World War II, but not too much.
We heard a helicopter go over head a little while earlier. When we got to the Washington Momument, I had Lon turn around to see the White House. Marine One had just loaded the President and was taking off. I do not care what you think of the President, that was SUPER cool. They flew right over our heads. 
Even though Lon had breakfast before we left, Lon was SOOOO hungry by the time we got to the Natural History Museum, he was getting cranky. Our first order of business was getting something to eat! Lon ate all his pizza, and we saved the brownie for the airplane. The chips, Lon did save them to eat on the plane, but by the time we opened them, they were dust.  Lon did say the pizza was not as good as the pizza on saturday.
Back up on the main floor, under the giant elephant, there was a fox den. Lon thought it was very cool. Mainly because on the other side they have a fox going into the den and all you can see of that fox is fox butt.
Dinosaurs RULE. Lon was so excited and so happy to be there!
Look at the little teeny tiny skull! Mommy, this is so cool. Thank you for bringing me!
Diorama, with dinosaurs. Oh! How Lon loves dioramas!

After our trip through Dinosaur land, we went to the Rocks, Gems and Minerals Hall. I just kept hearing my Dad talk to me about rocks in my head. He loved rocks. The jewelery section was very crowded but the minerals were not so crowded. Seems most people don't like the rocks as much as the finished, set jewelery.  Lon pointed out the ones he liked. Which was alot of them!
Inside the earth and moon. There are lots and lots of lessons on that subject I think Lon will enjoy. Right now we are just looking and thinking it is cool.
This rock is magnetized. There are lots of paperclips to put on the rock and see if they stick. They all stick. Lon was having fun making chains out of them. After a while, I made him move on. We had other things to see
We did go see the Hope Diamond. I could not pass it up. Lon thought it was pretty and maybe Daddy should get that for me.  I bought it for me. Okay, so I bought a tiny replica for my charm bracelet.
There is a ramp down to the dinosaur exhibit from the Hope Diamond room. I did not want to go back through the crowded jewelery section.  Dinosaurs are way cooler!
Then we were done with the Natural History Museum. Lon did not think that the taxidermy animals were any fun. He would rather see them alive at the zoo.
In front of Grandma's old office building.
We walked over to the carousel. And we waited. It was hard for Lon. They gave the group ahead of us a second turn. It was a band group who was happy, clapping and having lots of fun. I like it when people are rewarded for positive attitudes.  Our turn was one ride. There were not enough of us on that ride to be that excited.
Finally on board!
Fun Fun Fun
Lon thought the mechanism up top was really cool. He liked how is moved to move the horse.
After the ride, we found a reasonable cart selling popsicles. The National Park service cart, which just opened, did not have the variety of some of the other vendors but they were about 1/3 of the price for what they did have. I was happy to let him have a popsicle! I ate some too. We had a little over an hour left before we had to start looking for a cab back to Karens.  Hmmm, what should we do?
This man was very fun, playing his flute. I had a dollar bill in my pocket and I gave it to Lon to put in the case. The man played Stars and Stripes Forever. He was fun and he was very good with his flute.  I enjoyed listening to him
Okay, where else were we going to go? American History Museum. My favorite.  Lon liked looking at the toys. We had to do a quick tour since we only had an hour!
I wanted to have him stand in front of the train and pretend it was coming at him, but he thought that was a pretty dumb idea. So he stood beside the train. 
In a much earlier blog, I have Lon in his stroller in front of this statue.  I had to get one of him standing on his own two feet in front of George Washington
I made Lon come with me (where else was he going to go?) to see the First Lady's Dresses.  I love looking at historical clothing.  Then it was time to get out of the museum. It was 2:05 when we left the front doors. We got a taxi very quickly and were on our way. We got our souvenirs packed, our bags ready. The cab came and we were at the airport on time. We had a nice lunch, then boarded the plane for a very boring flight back home. I love boring flights. Lon played with all of his toys and had a good time.  I was very happy I went out. It was a very fun time.