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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Lon's Birthday!

Today was special. It was Lon's real birthday. He got to have cake for breakfast, we made Twinkies for swim class!
The ones with vanilla cream in them. Both chocolate and vanilla cake

Decorating the ones that had chocolate cream in them.With sprinkles.Sprinkles are the best

Sprinkle Sprinkle Sprinkles

Chocolate Cream Twinkies

Presents came in the mail. Godmother Carol, A wonderful cowboy hat from Oklahoma! It's great! She also sent a wonderful book, Where the Sidewalk Ends. Both of those came today. Perfect timing.  Lon also got the airplane for his playmobil airport. He is very pampered, but also very smart. He is figuring out that if he is a really good boy, Mommy will pamper him even MORE.

We went to dinner at La Corona, Lon's choice for dinner.  He had a quesadilla. He calls them Mexican Pizzas. He ordered a Roy Rogers, but got a Shirley Temple. But it was okay.

Mmmm, Mexican food and fries

Seeing Lon's festive shirt, they knew it was Lon's birthday. As the plates were cleared from dinner, they brought out a fried ice cream, put the party hat on Lon and sang him Happy Birthday. They sang it in English. I wish they would have sang it in Spanish. Lon had a really fun day today.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

He's in the Big Pool Now!

Congratulations to Lon! He is out of the shallow pool and into the BIG pool for the next swim session. I am very proud of him!  Although I think the part about listening to the teacher is going to be a constant theme in his school career.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Party!!

The weather started out in the morning as not so nice. Cloudy, looking like serious rain. But it turned out to be a beautiful day! 

This is the race car game. The kids would jump into the car and RUN like crazy and race back to the starting line.  They had lots of fun. Thank you so much to Auntie Theresa who led all the games! It was so nice to be able to rely on her to do them so I did not have to run after kids or go up and down the stairs too much! We LOVE you Auntie Theresa!

Racing back to the start/finish line. Lon is in the lead and he won the race! Congratulations to the birthday boy!
We also played pin the tire on the car. I made a Lightening McQueen out of felt, tires out of poster board with Velcro hot glued on the back.  It was great fun!
Sarah, who is not so little anymore!

Lon could not wait any longer ! We had to open presents RIGHT NOW!! Pretty please with a cherry on top...plllleeeeaaaasssseeee.    Yes, I made Lon's shirt and pants. He has party hats and presents for the buttons on his shirt. Everyone thought it was super cute.

Everyone wanted to get in and help open Lon's presents!

After presents, we had cake! I did not get pictures of Lon blowing out the candles. Daddy got it in a movie. 

mmmm, ice cream and cake!! Brian was loving the hard hats. Kayla then found another one and wore it home.

Lon, Grace and Drew putting together the Lego Toy Story Army Men that Aunt Karen gave Lon! They were loving that toy. Lon was so proud of himself that he could put the jeep together all by himself. Even though Daddy and Grandpa Andy told him that the box said he had to be 6 to play with it. He pointed at the put together jeep, then at the box and said, I did it and I am not even that age yet!

Princess Kayla got a hold of her parent's camera and took picture after picture of her pretty red dress.

Lon and Drew building something together. They play together very nicely. I have never heard them argue and bicker at each other. 

Giving Grace a goodbye hug! It was a good party. Everyone had fun. Lon had a blast.  I did not get in as many photos as I wanted. I did not get a photo of the feast!  Happy Birthday Lon! My little boy is FIVE!

The cake! I finally downloaded the photos of the cake!
Auntie Michelle sent me this great picture of Lon blowing out his candles, and I thought I would share it! Thank you Auntie Michelle!

Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Swim Class for 2010

Today was drizzling on and off and 55 degrees when we left for our first day of swim class. I put Lon in Swim Class 2 as a refresher course, the next session he will be in Swim 3. He also told me he was not going into the big pool until he was 5.  Which will work out just fine.  The small pool was heated to 86 degrees today. They were very cold when they got out,but while in the water they were good.

Blowing bubbles and blowing them well!

A new friend we made in swim class. Too bad we won't be seeing him again in class! I messed up today. I did not get to the pool till 11:45. Lon's class starts at 11:10. Allison, who rocks!, let Lon into the 11:45 class just for today. We have to be on time tomorrow. The good news is the other two boys in the 11:10 class Lon already knows and likes! Hooray!

Looking for buried treasures

and finding them

London Bridges falling down. Once the noodles fall around you, you are supposed to dunk your head or blow bubbles to be released! Lon enjoys this game alot!

Every class ends with jumping off the side into the pool. Lon needs some help with this. He has a difficult time jumping into water. Not off of high play ground structures onto the hard ground. Just into water. We will practice this at the Y pool on Sundays.  I am so glad we did not have to cancel swim lessons! We would have had to if I had to be in a real cast. Just more weeks in the boot for me! I can drive and that is the upside!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Or as they say over at Happy Falker Satherhood.  If you have not gone there, go. Go read the whole post on Happy Falker Satherhood. Very funny.
This morning, Lon got me up early and we let Daddy sleep in.  Lon and I watched a World Cup Game quietly! When Daddy got up, he chopped up some old doors that we had to get rid of.  Lon was his clean up helper

It was cold so I had Lon put on his coat. Yes, it is June, yes it was only 55 degrees.

Picking up the little bits so the mower doesn't get them!

Cutting up the cardboard box the new office chair came in so we can put it in the blue recycle bucket. Lon is using his toy saw. 

Clean up, clean up!

Random cuteness. After this I started to make the Thai feast for dinner and I did not take pictures of that. We had Swimming Rama, Satay, peanut sauce, and cucumbers in vinegar.  It turned out well. Lon ate fish, but he did try the peanut sauce. He liked it.

This is our first ripe strawberry from our garden! Yummy!!I am not sure why this picture is turned the wrong way. It is not in the file I downloaded it from. I will try to make it right as soon as I can.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie for Father's Day!  Home grown rhubarb,  mainly store bought strawberries. The home grown strawberry graces the top. Happy Father's Day, Mark. You are a  great Dad!

Cascade View Park

On Friday, the 18th, Lon and I went to a new park!  It sounded like a great place to play.
Lon liked the curly slide!

and the telephone! That was lots of fun!

Lon met a new friend, and of course, I was out of my mommy cards. Perhaps we will see them when we visit the park again!

Running through the playground with Lon's toy lego car. The boys had a grand time with that little car.

Lon jumped too, but I missed that shot. I am glad that Lon is not the only little boy who likes to jump off high things, well, any thing.

Putting the car back together. At noon, the new friend had to leave. We stayed a little longer and played, then we went off to do our errands too.

We had to play on the round swing. That is so much fun!  We will be coming back to this park!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finally !! A Sunny Weekend in June

It has been a while since we have seen the sun around here. This year we have yet to hit 75 degrees. The previous record for this is June 9. We are going into June 14. This weekend was sunny, and warm. Mark worked hard in the yard, I blew up the pool and put water in it.
I looked out our front window and saw this! The little bird stayed there for a while. I got very close, talking to the little bird.  I opened the window, he stayed.  I talked to him some more, I took some photos, then he flew away!

Pretty little guy.

Jumping into the pool. Yes, he is airborne. No, he has no fear.  

Look at my new swimsuit! Mommy got it at Costco. I even have a matching after swim warm robe.
Sunshine is pretty bright, but I like it!

First, you fill up the rain boot with water, like this. Are you watching this, Mom? Make sure you take a picture so Grandma knows

Then you put the water in the blue bucket. Only the blue bucket, got that? You should write this down, Mom so you won't forget.  I want you to remember this. It is important.

Then you dump out the bucket and start again. It would be more fun to dump the water in the plants on the porch, but I am not allowed to do that. Something about too much water in the plants. I am not sure what that is all about.
It was a fun day in the sun. Monday it is supposed to rain, but maybe by the weekend it will be nice again.